Network AID advocates for a healthy, safe, inclusive, and corrupt-free society where the right of women and girls, youths, persons with disabilities and deprived children are recognized, respected, and identity protected.Network AID - Event

 Youths With Skills Regional Seminar 2024

Youth With Skills Regional Seminar 2022 aims at bringing together young people from the Africa Region being illitetrate or educated to show case their innovations in contributing to the achievement of the sustainable development goals. Eight Hundred (800) delegates, investors, grant makers and United Nations Agencies are anticipating to attend.

The Seminar is schedule for 13th-17th July 2024.

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International Conference On Pro-Poor Micro-Finance 2026

Financial Inclusion and Microfinance has being the central most strategy in most development program to reduce proverty and increase the stem of livelihood. Micro Finance Institutions, NGOs, Banks, Government Agencies and Telecomunication bodies are playing intergral part in such direction; yet different strategies, interest rates and policies are implimented. To better understand microfinance in relation to the poor, illiterate and vulnerable; this conference aims to brings all players to Sierra Leone discuss the pros and cons and  the wayforward. 1000 participants are expected to attend.

Schedule for 15th-17th June 2026

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International Youth Anti Corruption 

Conference 2024

The fight against corruption cannot be achieved without the youth being the central piece. 1500 youths activist, musicians, creative artiste, journalists,  bilateral and multilateral organisations, donors representatives, international anti corruption campaigners and advocates will be gathered to show case their work in curbing corruption and put forward recommendations for action to leading anti corruption institutions, government, united nations, global south and global north.

Schedule for 6th-9th December 2024

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International Prestigious Illiterate Women Award 2024

This Award identify and given to illiterate women across the world that has contributed to or still contributing to the development of their home, community, national or international agenda without knowing. The Award strech from education, livelihood, climate change, business, governance, domestic helpers, innovation etc. Application is soliciting for the work via nomination in their respective country.

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Identity Matters For All Regional Seminar 2025

Sustainable Development Goal 16.9 stipulate legal identity for all by 2030. The Covid19 Pandemic stimulate a whole insight on legal identity from paper base, bio-metric and Artificial Inteligent (AI). The conference will bring legal identity management institutions, experts and the low level users to discuss the possibility of an affordible, accessible, secure legal identity that leave no one behind.

Schedule for 14th-16th September 2025

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​Girls 4 Girls Int'l Conference 2026

Gender parity and equity has to be bottom-up appraoch by setting the enabling platform and discuss early enough. This international conference will bring five hunden girls across the world to discuss issues that affect their wellfare and well-being at the same time showcase their creativity in contributing the peace, economy, human right, climate change, governance, livelihood and health. 

Schedule for 11th-14th October 2026, Freetown, Sierra Lwone

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International Disability & Gender Conference 2025

"Leave No One Behind" is the key and central message of the sustainable development goals 2030. Disability and Gender being a cross cutting issues that has bearing on the seventeen (17) goals must be discuss holistic. This conference bring learning across the world from persons with disability, government, united nations agencies, organisations supporting disability and gender issues to solidify gains made and harmonise strategies and actions inline with national, regional and international call for action on diability gender 

Schedule for 3th-5th December 2024

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Our Voices Matters Regional Caravan 2026

Illiterate women, youths and persons with disability are mostly sideline as a result of thier social, educational and physical status, yet considered with it come the electioneering processes only. Our Voices Matters Regional Caravan is geared towards dymistifying the wrong and amplyfying the contributions of iliterate women, youth and persons with disability. The Caravan will pass through countries with Goodwill Ambassadors and outstanding illiterate women, youths, persons with disability engaging governament to take concrete steps.

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Network AID advocates for a healthy, safe, inclusive, and corrupt-free society where the right of women and girls, youths, persons with disabilities and deprived children are recognized, respected, and identity protected.