Network AID advocates for a healthy, safe, inclusive, and corrupt-free society where the right of women and girls, youths, persons with disabilities and deprived children are recognized, respected, and identity protected.Network AID - Livelihood & Education

Livelihood & Education

Promoting Adult Literacy

Promoting adult education, pro-poor microfinace and gender equality is part of a broader, holistic effort of Network AID's work. It includes ensuring illiterate population do not suffer disproportionately in poor and vulnerable househood especially during times of crisis—and advancing skills  and knowledge to adolecent girls and adult women.

The Geography Of Illiteracy & Low Literacy

 UNESCO Institute for Statistics in 2013 infograph released state 52% of the 774 million illiterate people who are 15 years and older are based in West and South Asia. As of 2015, these regions have 70.2% literacy rates, while sub-Saharan Africa has 64%. South Sudan ranks lowest of them all, with a literacy rate of just 27%, followed by Afghanistan at 28.1%, Burkina Faso at 28.7%, Niger at 28.7%, Mali at 33.4%, Chad at 35.4%, Somalia at 37.8%, Ethiopia at 39%, Guinea at 41%, Benin at 42.4%. Sierra Leone at 43.3%, Haiti at 48.7%, Senegal at 49.7%, Gambia at 51.1%,

Bhutan at 52.8%, Pakistan at 54.9%, Guinea-Bissau at 55.3%

Mozambique at 56.1%, Central African Republic at 56.6%

Cote d'Ivoire at 56.9%, Nepal at 57.4%, Bangladesh at 57.7%,

Timor-Leste at 58.3 %, Mauritania at 58.6% and Togo at 60.4%

Further analysis of Unesco’s statistics details that of the 774 million illiterate adults recorded in 2013, two thirds of these, or about 493 million, are women who are unable or have difficulties reading text messages, filling out forms and reading their doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, there are 123 million people between 15 and 24 years of age who cannot read or write. Of these illiterate youth, 76 million are women and 54 million of them are based in  countries like: India, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, United Republic of Tanzania, Egypt and Burkina Faso.

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