Network AID advocates for a healthy, safe, inclusive, and corrupt-free society where the right of women and girls, youths, persons with disabilities and deprived children are recognized, respected, and identity protected.Network AID - home


The Technical Advisory  Team Members, Goodwill Ambassadors and Management of Network AID welcome and thank you for your time, courage and trust for visiting our website and and social media handles for reference, research, advocacy, news, information and educational purposes. We hope this site provide the relevant information needed and serves you well. We seek your kind donation ( in-kind or in-cash, tools, equipments, materials) to allow us; through you  and or institutions reach more deserving  illiterate women/girls, young people, persons with disabilities, and deprived children. Get Involve Now

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Network AID seeks to enhance the welfare and well-being of illiterate women/girls, young people, persons with disability and deprived children to have a healthy, safe, inclusive, and corrupt-free society where they are recognized, respected and identity protected. 

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Network AID needs your passionate contributions (In-Kind, In-Cash or Tools/Equipment) to improve the lives of many. Imagine what your contribution can do in putting smiles on the faces of many. 

Msg on Israel & Palestine

Network AID message on #Israel and 

#Palestine ...project the literacy history of Palestine. 
#OurVoicesMatters #MyHandsAreClean

Mental Health Day 2023

As the world observe Mental Health Day 2023 on the theme: MentalHealth is a Universal Human Rights.

NetworkAID message is simple. check-in on your friend.

#OurVoicesMatters #MyHandsAreClean

Meg to Our Advisors

Network AID 2024 message to her advisors, ambassadors and partners for being with us through 2023 which was the 1st and 2nd quarter of the organisation fiscal year. The challenges faced with and the gains made collectively.

We look for to a more fruitful moment in 2024 and the remaining two quarters.

Courtesy Visit to MBSSE

As a Ministry, through our leadership, "i appriciate Network AID for such a brilliant plan and the ministry is open and willing to provide guidance. The Education Sector Plan-2022-2026 has the ministry priority. The ministry leadership look forward to your written plan" Deputy Minister II MBSSE. 

Leveraging CSOs Networks for Conflict Prevention 

Closing Remarks after the 3 days Regional Training Workshop on Leveraging CSOs Networks for Conflict Prevention focused on three priority issues as next steps: 

Factors and Solution to Youth Drug Abuse

Addressing drug addiction among young people in Sierra Leone requires a comprehensive approach that involves multiple stakeholders, including the government, communities, families, and educational institutions, development  partners, traditional & religious leaders. Some potential strategies and interventions that can be considered include:

Mitigating the Illegal Impact on Fishing

Illegal, unregulated, and undocumented fishing practices can have severe economic impacts on coastal communities and national economies. Sierra Leone, like many other countries, faces challenges in addressing this issue. Here are some strategies to mitigate the economic impact of these practices:

High Qaulity Low Literate Animation on Identity Is A Right-Go For It

Call for Peace Message‚Äč

60 Seconds - What Identity Means To Me - Khadijah's Thought


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Network AID advocates for a healthy, safe, inclusive, and corrupt-free society where the right of women and girls, youths, persons with disabilities and deprived children are recognized, respected, and identity protected.