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Amplifying the Voices of Pupils on School Related Gender-Based Violence

16th February 2024:

Gender at the Center project is implemented in eight countries and Education for All Coalition Sierra Leone (EFAC-SL) through  Plan International with funds from UNGEI is implemented in four out of the sixteen district with thirty schools including school administrators, CSOs and guardian counsellor covered in Sierra Leone. 

Network AID been a member of EFAC-SL, participated at the pupils, teachers and education stakeholders engagement aimed at the pupils sharing their knowledge, experience and recommendation being part of the project implementation on school related gender based violence. 

Used condom, offensive drug, alcohol, offensive instruments are reported to be on board the school buses said the pupils. It was recommeded that safeguarding training been conducted for school administrators and school bus conductor.

“ it is important to have a united force…we must take concrete action in implementing the recommendation made by the pupils” Plan International Rep.

"We will use this data to amplify the voices of the children" Deputy Board Chair EFAC-SL

“ she encourages the girls to do sciences and go back to the classroom to avoid 'idiot' to teach the children" Teaching Service Commission Rep.

Maiden Meeting on the Propose CSOs Platform on Audit Accountability

22nd Febrruary 2024:

Given the released and tabling to Parliament of Sierra Leone by the Auditor General; the Auditor General Audit Report 2022 as mandated according to the  Sierra Leone1991 Constitution Act #6. As usaual the Audit Service Sierra Leone through the media and communication unit on the 2nd February 2024 held an engagement with civil society organisations working on audit, budget, financial management on the issues raised on the Auditor General Report 2022 and to further strengtheninh ways of working with CSOs of which Network AID is part.

One of the several resolution were to  constructively  formalise the ways of working. In response to the resolution, CSOs working on audit, budget, public financial management held its maiden meeting today 22nd February 2024 at BAN secretariat. Key discussion were the name "CSO Audit Accountability Platform Sierra Leone"; and the opperating framwork.

20th February 2024: Media Engagement

We need to continue supporting Her Excellency and also request she concentrate on illiterate women and girls out of school with adult and functional literacy skills.

Our local tourism infrastructure need to be built as tourism goes beyond beach front. Lot of touristic site are across the country and it will enhance the economic status of women.

To cuttail crime community policing need to be investmened on by the police and community service sentences is needed rather than custodian sentences for minor offenses.

The bureaucracy in charging GBV offences is a challenge that require action. We must as a country be deliberate in ensure all decisions are eco-friendly

Network AID at AYV Front Page

Africa Young Voices Media Empire a renowned private television hosted Network AID Chief Country Coordinator and Former Hon. Bammy Chidi live on their daily press review program Front Page. Issues dealt with were Her Excellency Dr. Fatima Maada Bio representation on women empowerment and girls education at the AU Summit. Tourism, Police Crime Rate Report, Climate Change and Deforestation.

13th February 2024

Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie -Network AID Chief Country Coordinator pays  courtesy visit to Ms. Memusu Patricia Komeh-Massaquoi - Deputy Minister II Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Educatio. During the courtesy visit, Mr. Barrie talk through the plans of Network AID in supporting and contributing to the non-formal and functional literacy of illiterate women and girls, persons with disability and the Support from the Back project. He commend Ms. Massaquoi for her open-door policy. 

Network AID Courtesy Visit to the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education 

As a Ministry, through its leadership, "i appriciate Network AID for such a brilliant plan and the ministry is open and willing to provide guidance. The Education Sector Plan-2022-2026 has the ministry priority. The ministry leadership look forward to your written plan" Deputy Minister II MBSSE. 

6th-8th Febrauary 2024

Plan International Organised Safeguarding Training for Community of Practice

Community Of Practice 0n Gender Base Violence (COP-GBV) is a community of practitioners of INGO's, NGO's, CSO's, Donor's advocating, responding to, share best practices on and built capacity of its membership and other stakeholders on gender base violance in Sierra Leone.  With district chapters. Plan International a member organisation, organised Safeguarding Training for the Community of Practice memberships across it chapters.

The aim of the training was to support the COP-GBV to become active protectors of children, program participant, young people and to understand what is needed to create and organisation that is safe for all.

The 5P's model was used as a training guide.

P1. Passing on Concern/Report

P2. Personal Values and Attributes

P3. Perspective on Program Participant, Children and Young People

P4. Problem & Abuse

P5. Providing Protection & Preventing Harm

At the end of the safeguarding training, it was unanemous that safeguarding is internal which has to do with any action or inaction of the organisation or individual dealing with as a result of its programming, processes, procedures, policies, attitude and behviour that place program participants, children or young people at risk. Commitment where made for all organisation to have a safaguarding policy and other to regularly update their safeguarding policy.

6th February 2024:

Network join the world to observe and call for action on Zero Tolerance Against FGM. #HerVoiceHerFuture is at Risk

In 2024, nearly 4.4 million girls- or more than 12,000 each day - are at risk of female genital mutilation around the world. (inclusive illiterate women, persons with disabilities and deprived children). Network AID join all survivors to speak up.

4th February 2024:

We Can #CloseTheCareGap 
The reality today is that who you are and where you live could mean the difference between life and death. It isn't fair. But we can change this by investing in care, increase in healthy diet, safe environment etc.
 #OurVoicesMatters #MyHandsAreClean

Budgit Launches COVID-19: Strenthening Partnerships for Equality & Accountability Report

2nd February 2024: Network AID was invited by it partner organisation Budgit to a of a reseach report on COVID-19: Strenthening Partnerships for Equity & Accountability supported by Open Society Initiative for West Sfrica (OSIWA). Qualitative and quantitative data collected informed the findings of the report.

The report focuses on:

  1. Vacine Governnce
  2. Inequality & Accountability in Vacine Goverance
  3. Citizen Monitoring...
  4. Existing Structure... for Fact-Checkers
  5. Vaccine Hesitancy 

Key Findings:

Established vaccine governance structure exist that comparises international and national parnters with an average of 40 teams per district.

40% of the PHUs are not covered, and over 60% of PHUs have no electricity and cooling facilities for vaccines.

Some CSOs consulted to collect this data revealed that they are only aware of most information on the vaccination process through this research. 

The unavailable of resources and tools at the time for outreach had been a huge challenge including the delayed in receiving monthly salaries and stepends.

50% taken the vaccination did for protection and minimising the risk of contracting the CVID-19; while others resisted for the negative side effect, confusing information, fear of death, money making.

Audit Service Sierra Leone and Civil Society Engagement on the Annual  Auditor General  and Performance Report

2nd February 2024:

Audit Service Sierra Leone engaged Civil Society's involved on Budget, Audit & Public Financial Mannagement. the basis for the engagment was to provide insight on the work of Audit Service Sierra Leone relating to the types of audit conducted by the institution as mandated by section 119(2) of the 1991 Sierra Leone Constitution (Act #6 1991) and section 95(1) of the Public Fianancial Management Act 2016. As well identifying key audit areas to the CSO's; follow up on the issues we (ASSL) raised on the report.

We see the CSO's very important and over the years we have strengthen that by involving partner on the pre-planning and follow-up stage including accountability sector such as Anti Corruption Commission, Parliamentry Account Committee.

ASSL provide technical support after the annual audit report is table to Parliament and the Parliamentry Account Committee when the need arises. We pleased inform that Environment and Equity has been added to the audit process as new aspect for auditing.

We are greatful and still expecting CSO's to pubularise the report and hold public official and institutions accountable not only for fiancial losses but the impact cause on service delivery.

ASSL embarked on a total of 108 audits: 32 Ministries and Departments, 45 Public Enterprises and Commissions, 22 Local Councils, six Diplomatic Missions and three Performance audits.

" if the work we do doesn't make changes to the life of the people, we need not to exist". We are not going into critic the auditee opperation, finding fault, witch hunt rather to ascertain the funds is ultilised appropriately as promised by the the audittee and processes, procedures, regulations and laws are followed as prescribed. ASSL had 20 performamce audit report table in parliament with no hearing.

CSO's present contributions show solidarity and pity the work ASSL as the same audit irrigularities keep coming year-in-year-out with less accountability measures in hold the vault controller or management of the institution responsible.

CSO's commit to draw attention on irregularies and recommendations on the audit report and push for policy formulation and reform. At the end of the engagment, it was recommended to formalise the ways of working between ASSL and the CSO's

AdvocAid & Network AID Potential Partnership: Maiden Meeting

30th January 2024: AdvocAid and Network AID held their maiden meeting for potential partnership around their shared vision and mission on the wellbeing and welfare of female inmate in correctional service.

Network AID being an organisation that enhances the welfare and wellbeing of illiterate women, girls, youths, persons living with disabilities and deprived children is concerned about the health and safety of illiterate incarcerated women and how to contribute towards their mental state, provide adult education, skill building etc. while serving their sentences and provide legal representation.

AdvocAid works with girls and women caught up in Sierra Leone’s often unjust legal system, providing a holistic access to justice via free legal representation, education empowerment, detainee support and a moving forward programme (Go Bifo Women), ensuring detainees leave as stronger women with brighter prospects.

At the end of the meeting, it was clear for both organisations to explore further on possible ways of work, the need for a partnership and to leverage on the strengths of each organisation for the common good of incarcerated women and girls in the correctional centers across the country.

UNGA Adopt Healthy Environment for All Resolution

Thursday 28th July 2022: With 0 votes against, 8 abstentions and 161 votes in favors the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A/RES/76/300 recognizing the right to a sustainable healthy environment for all.

Countries abstain from voting are Syria, Russia, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Belarus, China, Iran, Kyrgyzstan. NetworkAID Morocco, Maldives, Switherland, Costa Rica, Slovenia for  the leadership to ensure a #HealthyEnvironmentForAll. Humans, animals, marine lives, plants MUST co-habit in a clean sustainable and healthy environment each other.

This is huge victory for all however the adoption means commitment to further contributing global and political will to finance and devise further environmental and climate actions and strengthens environmental protection.

Our Volunteers Gaining & Sharing  Knowledge On SRHR Training

African-American Appointed As MCC Deputy

Chidi Blyden has been appointed as the next Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), according to a statement released. Blyden joins MCC from the United States Department of Defense, where she most recently served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs and the principal advisor on international security strategy and policy issues across the continent.

This huge victory follows months of mobilization by NGOs, among which the Global Pact Coalition, and draws on Human Rights Council resolution 48/13 which already recognized this right last October.

This achievement is only the start, we must continue to mobilize, collaborate and join forces to ensure that States the right to healthy environment

Africa Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC) from Kenya organized a workshop in Freetown, Sierra Leone, from September 11 to 15, 2023, at the Radisson Blu Hotel. The workshop aimed to strengthen the capacity of participants in advocating for and communicating about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) in Sierra Leone.

During the workshop, participants including myself received tailored training sessions that equipped us with essential strategies and insights for effective engagement in policy advocacy and communication. The skills gained from this training played crucial role in shaping sexual reproductive health policies and interventions, including the development of the Safe Motherhood Bill.

Moreover, the workshop provided a unique opportunity for us to network, share knowledge, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who shared common goal of promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights.

MCC CEO Alice Albright expressed her excitement about Blyden’s appointment, stating that “Not only will Chidi bring tremendous expertise and depth of experience in the region, but her inclusive, people-oriented leadership style will be an excellent match as this agency continues to lean-in and step-up its ambition following twenty years of excellence” .

Blyden’s distinguished career has spanned government, academia, and non-profit sectors. Her work has focused on the impact of culture in developing policy and community-centric approaches to security and stability, with a particular emphasis on underscoring the critical role of women and youth. She has received multiple awards for her time in public service, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service.

“I am thrilled to join the dynamic MCC team as they continue to lead the way on innovative development programs and partner alongside governments to promote economic growth,” said Blyden. “MCC’s ambitious agenda to align U.S. and global interests in the 21st century world requires a collaborative approach, working hand-in-hand with governments and the private sector to establish holistic, whole-of-society solutions that foster prosperity worldwide” .


The Sierra Leone-flagged ship Razoni leaves the sea port in Odesa full of grain, heading toward Istanbul, on August 1.

Razoni-the ship that carries the flag of Sierra Leone leaves Ukraine Odesa Port with 26,000 metric tons of food grain. Being the first ship to sail through the black sea after the United Nations and Turkey brokered agreement with Ukraine and Russia signed on July 22 in Istanbul to open up three of Ukraine's ports - Odesa, Yuzhne Chornomorsk, and -which had been blockaded since Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine in late February 2022.

The agreement also aimed at restarting grain exports from Ukraine’s Black Sea port.

On August 1st, the first shipment of grain from Ukraine offers a sigh of relief to the world food crisis at the moment and an indication to carefully manage the Russia-Ukraine war to a win-win logical situation.

The news is applauded by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov that the Razoni had left Odesa as a "very positive" development and a "good opportunity to test the effectiveness of the mechanisms that were agreed during talks in Istanbul."

In a statement on Facebook, Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business Associations (UCAB) said agricultural exports last month grew 12 percent from June, while grain exports rose 21 percent to 1.7 million tons.

Meanwhile, more than 20 million tons of grains from last year’s harvest are still awaiting export, according data from Ukraine.

Network AID Chief Country Coordinator - Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie "Sierra Leone is recognize as a peaceful and religious tolerance country in the world, being a third world country garbling with its own issues however through Razoni Freetown flown the Sierra Leone flag on the world stage is a signal that Africa is pivotal on the world stage and had a lot to offer".

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Network AID advocates for a healthy, safe, inclusive, and corrupt-free society where the right of women and girls, youths, persons with disabilities and deprived children are recognized, respected, and identity protected.