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Sierra Leone Country Profile 

The current population of Sierra Leone is 8,021,137, based on projections of the latest United Nations data. The UN estimates the July 1, 2020 population at 7,976,983.

Sierra Leone has a young population with 42% of its population under 15, and a rural population with 62% of people living outside of the cities. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world that is facing many challenges. It has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in West Africa (60%), much of its drinking water is collected from polluted sources with severe encroachment on its water catchment area, 48.1% literacy rates in Africa and health problems that include HIV/AIDS, malaria, and yellow fever.

About 81% of its population lives in poverty.

There are 4,104,601 adults in Sierra Leone with a median age of 18.4 male and 19.6 female

Consequently, the country is heavily reliant upon foreign aid. Agriculture is also an important part of the economy, accounting for 58% of the country's GDP, and employing 80% of the people living there.

The country has its government divided into executive, legislative, and judiciary. The country itself is broken down into 190 chiefdoms,

19 local district councils and 5 municipalities.

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Map Of Sierra Leone

 The median age in Sierra Leone is 18.5 years, which is disproportionately young and makes for a very young working population. The average woman gives birth to roughly 4.5 children, and this high birth rate is the cause of the substantial growth rate in the country.

Goodwill Ambassadors

Yeanie Ghaliwa Goodwill Ambassador

Monica Yeanie Ghaliwa, CEO Inspiration for Human Development. The first female blind journalist in Sierra Leone; 1st Runners-Up Housemates Salone 2019 Reality TV Show staged by Africa Young Voices Empire; Yeanie is Women, Girls, and Children with Disabilities activist.

Yeanie broke the barrier of discrimination, segregation and exclusion by challenging herself and the societal and gender norms by showcasing the ability of persons with disability.

Fatmata Samura (Dubai) Goodwill Ambassador

Fatmata Sumara is an illiterate young women that challenge herself to obstruct the social order in the reality television show by applying for the women empowerment reality television show in 2021 organised by ZedZee Multimedia.

Fatmata is now an inspiration for other young illiterate women and adolescent in Sierra Leone and was dubbed the nick-name Fatmata Dubai. Fatmata though illiterate utilised the media space through youtube to teach herself creative skills to enhanced her livelihood and wellbeing. Now she do bags, beads, shows, necklace etc.

The Frog & The Eagle

This is a story of two frogs, A & B, living together in a city

Frog A works as a teacher at the local school and Frog B is a store clerk. Frog A resents the kind of work Frog B does, but does not complain too much because of the conforts Frog B's earnings manage to fetch them. On a fine Sunday evening, they aredebating how to spend their time. Frog B wants to go go out with friends and have fun.

Hey, Let's Talk... Mental Wellbeing

In obsrvation of this year's Mental Health Day 2023 on the theme "Mental Health is a Universal Human Rights" Network AID embarked on series of actions- Media Engagement via radio stations; Production of video clip, Flyers for social media posting and Roundtable Discussion with interns and volunteers at conference room of its office secretariat.

The roundtable discussion anchored on its local theme "Hey, Let's About Our Mental Well-Being.".  Powerpoint presentation on the local theme was done that form part of the discussion.

The outlines of the presentation are:-
1. Mental Health Concept
2. Key Facts
3. Mental Health Determinants
4. Promotion and Prevention
5. Summary, and
6. Discussion. 

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